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UX Design plays a critical role in understanding customer behavior. UX experts hold great experience in human psychology, design, and technology. A good project is never complete without UX experts on board, as their help is essential in improving the customer experience. Having good aesthetics of the website is never enough to keep customers coming back for more unless a good user experience strategy is laid out.

We have UX experts on board with us that holds exceptional knowledge of reading user behavior through heat maps, diary studies, focus groups, surveys, and contextual observation. The UX experts at JANCAYNAP create a blueprint of the product's experience, along with studying the value it creates for users. We collect both qualitative and quantitative data once the website is live to understand the behavior of users better and put efforts to improve it further.

We stay in contact with our clients to explore their goals and study their audience. We help our clients in creating a user-centered design that is focused on satisfying the needs of the end-user and meeting their expectations. By addressing the basic needs of our client’s customers, we optimize the website, which keeps customers coming back to it. We look after prototyping, content strategy, information architecture, user research, user testing, and much more to meet our client’s requirements. If your graph of customers keeps falling, then hire us to enhance the user experience by our professionals' help. As a web designer Vancouver takes pride in delivering quality work and satisfying our customers.


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