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SEO is the future, and investing money on getting perfect in this area is the money invested wisely. Competition on the internet is getting fierce day by day, which is why staying relevant is becoming more and more difficult with time. At JANCAYNAP, Vancouver SEO services offer SEO & analytics services to our clients to help them win the battle of appearing first in the Google Search. JANCAYNAP is the best SEO company in Vancouver that has a team of SEO professionals who dig deep into the data and read trends. The data helps in developing strategies to get more traffic on the website. If you have content, web design, good landing pages, and other important stuff, but no SEO, then all your efforts are wasted.

Our Web Analytics experts will review your website statistics and will develop goals and set KPIs for success. We measure the current level of success of your business through the web analytics program and propose changes to make your website appear on top of Google rankings. We propose changes and marketing efforts to increase user experience and drive more traffic to your website. Google Analytics is a powerful tool, and the right usage of the provided data on the platform can turn your business upside down overnight. Only professionals with relevant knowledge and experience are capable of picking out important information from the overwhelming raw data. Let Vancouver SEO do all the work for you in your budget. Our professionals will make sure that your marketing goals are achieved and KPIs are met for business success.


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