COMP 1950 Intermediate Web Design & Development

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Course Description

COMP 1950 follows on from COMP 1850 in more depth and introduces new topics and techniques for developing effective web sites.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of HTML and CSS. Topics will include: Current and emerging trends in HTML, detailed use of CSS for layout and presentation, an introduction to JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, how to leverage Server Side Includes (SSI) for re-usable code, and working with Content Management Systems.

Course Goals

To gain a deeper understanding of HTML, CSS and advanced topics in web development.
To focus on best practices in web page and web site design.

Course Learning outcomes / competencies

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:


Completion of COMP1850 or equivalent is required before beginning COMP1950.

Students taking COMP1950 must have solid foundational skills with both HTML and CSS, and some familiarity with Javascript.

Students are expected to understand the use of FTP and basic file management, be fluent with their operating system, and be proficient with a file compression utility (.zip).

If you have a problem with code you are working on and wish to email your instructor for assistance, be sure to provide the following:


Description Due Worth
Homework (9 in total) Daily 35%
Quizzes (8 in total) Various 20%
Group Project Session 12 20%
Final Exam Session 12 25%


Attendance is mandatory for all sessions of COMP 1950.

Each COMP 1950 session runs for 3 hours, and will include the following:

2.5 hours .5 hours
quiz homework assignment
lecture q & a
code walkthroughs
in class exercises
15 minute break