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I'm Jan Caynap

Specializing in Web Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization, and E-Commerce Merchandising. I Am Passionate in Improving the User Website Experience, Boosting the Brands Online Presence and Increasing the Businesses' Return on Investment.
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I'm Jan Caynap

I have worked in the ecommerce industry for 5 years, ultimately gaining experience in Business to Customer sales, digital marketing, Website development, Fullfillment processess, customer experience, promoting and merchandising products.
Web Development & Design
My front-end web development experience has made possible for me to design, develop and launch websites like EverythingElectronic. I also have web and graphic design skills, which has put me in the position of creating logos and icons using graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition, I’ve developed and maintained several client websites and used my SEO skills to make it rank and also easy for users to find the websites online.
E-Commerce Web Administration
I’ve worked as an E-commerce Web Administrator in which I managed eStore CMS (Content Management System). This involves tasks like content uploading, auditing of products, promotions, prices, graphics, etc. I have also boosted the SEO page rank of e-commerce websites by being able to identify and correct more than 10,000 issues that the Google Search Console has recommended. This has also granted me the opportunity to collaborate with big-name retailers such as GoPro, Sony, RED Digital and Canon, of whom I promoted their products and boosted their online presence. I’ve also reviewed website content, identified errors and corrected product listings, to maintain a high standard of website quality. My previous works have made it possible for me to publish over 8000 product pages with full descriptions, meta tags, images, etc. online.
E-Commerce Product Content Creation & Merchandising
As an eCommerce Product Content Specialist with practical experience, I’ve been able to build and categorize products, formulate product descriptions, images, dimensions, along with other product attributes. I’ve also used web analytics along with other reporting tools to understand and explain merchandising performance, customer behavior, and optimize the sequencing of products. It’s of utmost importance that products on a website are always live and available, which is why I do a lot of monitoring as well as merchandise assortments for site content (homepage and landing page). With my experience in Ecommerce Merchandising, I’ve been able to handle the most complex tasks like using data analytics for decision making and optimal performance which results in increased overall website retention and conversion.

I’ve also been able to manage filtering and faceting functions on business websites, giving customers the best and most appropriate options that will narrow down their product search. I’ve used tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Inspectlet for tracking user experience, SEO rankings, marketing promotions, and sales conversions.
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As an experienced e-commerce merchandising specialist, I’ve helped a lot of companies improve their online presence, as well as ensuring optimum performance of their websites. I have the required skills and know-how to use the corresponding tools in digital marketing, such as Inspectlet, SEMRush and Google Analytics. As a content specialist in the area of e-commerce, I’m very familiar with content management systems, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, SAP/Hybris and NetSuite, which is necessary to ensure optimal performance of a website.

I offer insights into website performance and reporting on retail KPIs like sales growth, revenue, units per transaction, etc. I also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, making me a good team player, as well as the ability to do any job without supervision.

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Web Design & Development
Ecommerce Merchandising
SEO & Keyword Optimization
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